The Kuwait English School mission is to inspire, challenge and encourage students in every aspect of school life. We appreciate that a major factor in parents choosing Kuwait English School is so that their child has the very best opportunity to develop their full potential in a safe and supportive learning environment. Kuwait English School is proud of its long tradition of guiding students to strong examination performances that enable them to access the best universities in the world.

Comparison of Kuwait English School (KES) results with United Kingdom 2018

2018 KES % A* -A UK % A*- A KES % A*- C UK % A*- C
IGCSE/GCSE 50 20.5 84 66.5


2018 KES % A UK % A KES % A- C UK % A – C
AS LEVEL 33 27.5 71 66.3


2018 KES % A* -A UK % A*- A KES % A*- C UK % A*- C
A LEVEL 65 26.4 90 77