2017-2018 Academic Calendar

Term 1

Commences Sunday 10th September and ends Thursday 14th December 2017

Islamic New Year  Thursday 21st September
 Mid Term Holiday  Sunday 29th October to Thursday 2nd November (inclusive)
 Prophet’s Birthday (PBUH)  Thursday 30th November or Sunday 3rd December

Detailed Departmental Calendars TERM 1 2017-2018

Term 2

Commences Tuesday 2nd January and ends Wednesday 11th April 2018

National/Liberation Day Holiday  Sunday 25th February to Thursday 1st March (inclusive)
 Prophet’s Ascension  Thursday 12th April or Sunday 15th April

Term 3

Commences Sunday 22nd April and ends Tuesday 12th June 2018

Ramadan Ramadan expected to start Friday 15th May 2018
Eid Holiday 13th to 18th June


* All holidays are subject to Ministry approval
* Islamic holidays may vary according to the lunar calendar.