Junior Parent Letter -2

Dear Parents,

In order for your son/daughter to flourish whilst they are at the school it is important that parents work closely with us to help support us in our endeavours to provide every student with a world class education which is the aspiration of our institution.




When the school uses Salwa Park as a facility to help promote learning, security guards will be present to help safeguard your son/daughter and to help the teaching staff deal with  any  situation that may arise


Late lates

The school day finishes at 2.30 and all students should be off the site by 2.45 at the latest. Extracurricular activities finish at 3.40 and students should be collected promptly from the main playground. We cannot be expected to look after students unless prior arrangements have been made,  it is imperative that students are collected from school  at the end of the day in a prompt manner.


Winter Uniform

All students should now be wearing full school winter uniform.


School Photographs

From Sunday the 26th of November school photographs will be taken, please ensure full school uniform is worn by your son/daughter and  refer to the letter you were sent by Mr. Wild earlier this week for full details.



A Chromebook must have a protective hard cover in order to curb the likelihood of any damage. As stated last year Chromebooks only have a one year guarantee, after this time it is the responsibility of parents to provide appropriate maintenance for the item.


Parental appointments

Teachers are always prepared to meet with parents but appointments must be made in advance, stating the reason for the meeting. This also applies for meetings requested with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. Appointments may be made by sending a note to the teacher calling the Junior Office, (25655216, ext 111) or by e-mail to francesd@kes.edu.kw or rajeshr@kes.edu.kw



The school has a very well-resourced library and we would encourage all students to take advantage of this by using the books that are available to help them develop their reading ability, knowledge of their subjects and to extend their intellectual capacity.

With your help, your son/daughter will be part of the continuing academic success of the Kuwait English School. Thank you for your co-operations in these matters.

Yours sincerely,


Liam McLoughlin

Head of the Junior School

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