Junior Parent Letter -3

Dear Parents,

In order to help with the efficient running of the school it is important that I bring to your attention certain matters that must be adhered to.





Please ensure that your children come to school wearing full uniform which includes the correct tie, shirt, trousers / skirt and jacket.

All pupils must wear plain black school shoes that do not have a logo of any description, multi coloured soles are not permitted. Trainer style shoes are not permitted.




Can you ensure that boy’s hair is cut to a sensible length. no crew cuts, tram lines or designs cut into hair is acceptable.




Year 3. At the start of term Chromebooks will be issued to those Year 3 students who have paid for them, if you have not paid for this important school item already please see our Accounts Department.




The school cannot be held accountable for personal possessions, items of value should not be brought onto the school site or on school trips. If such items are lost then the school cannot be held  responsible or liable for the personal possessions of pupils.




Jewellery should not be worn to school as per the parental handbook that was issued to all parents at the beginning of the year.




When the school uses Salwa Park as a facility to help promote learning, security guards will be present to help safeguard your son/daughter and to help the teaching staff deal with any  situation that may arise.




Please ensure that your children reads at home every evening. This will help them with their short and long term success in studying the English National Curriculum. The school has a very well-resourced Library and we would encourage all students to take advantage of this by using the books that are available to help them develop their reading ability, knowledge of their subjects and to extend their intellectual capacity.




Please ensure that your child arrives at school before flag-raising at 7.30. The main playground gate is closed at this time and any children not inside will be marked as late.




Teachers are always prepared to meet with parents but appointments must be made in advance (ideally 24 hours), stating the reason for the meeting. This also applies for meetings requested with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. Appointments may be made by sending a note to the teacher calling the Junior Office, (25655216, ext 111) or by e-mail to francesd@kes.edu.kw or rajeshr@kes.edu.kw


I am sure that you will understand the importance of maintaining the high standards expected at Kuwait English School and would most appreciate your support and cooperation in these matters. Thank you.


Yours sincerely,


Liam McLoughlin

Head of the Junior School

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