At Kuwait English School we aspire to live up to our mission statement in everything that we do. As educators we appreciate that we are honoured to be able to play a significant role in shaping the future lives of our pupils. The staff work tirelessly to ensure that high quality teaching and learning takes place in their classrooms and we endeavour to inspire our pupils to develop a lifelong love of learning. Through the many amazing opportunities that the students are given, and throughout their time at the school, we aim to make sure that our students become well rounded individuals who will make a meaningful contribution to the world they will live in.

At Kuwait English School we ensure that students have many worldly experiences through the promotion of themed educational days and educational visits at home and abroad. We believe that every child is unique and that it is our responsibility to unlock their potential and hidden talents so that they can thrive as individuals. Through pupil participation in KSPATH, public speaking, concerts, assemblies and many other events we ensure that our students become self -confident individuals who can think for themselves.

The Junior Department educates pupils through Key Stage 2, which caters for Years 3 to 6.
Our aim is to provide an environment within which our students can grow in confidence as they prepare for their transition to the Senior High School. The school prides itself on developing confident young people who have a wide variety of skills to take them further in life.

The Junior Department of Kuwait English School seeks to offer a range of opportunities to Inspire, Challenge and Encourage the students to attain the skills to develop into lifelong learners. The school offers a varied choice of extracurricular activities to promote an all round education. The atmosphere is busy with students engaged in independent learning and collaborative tasks.

The Junior Department follows the National Curriculum of England and Wales and all resources are purchased from UK.

The classes are of mixed ability and, as the fluency of students in the English Language varies considerably, specialist teachers of EFL and Learning Support assist the class teachers in the support, assessment and monitoring of the children. The Learning Support Department also provides opportunities to extend Gifted and Talented students.

The Junior Department is situated in the main building of Kuwait English School. There are 26 classes in the Junior Department and three rooms are used for Learning Support. The Junior Department has its own Library with a full-time Librarian. There is a Drama Studio, a Science Laboratory/workroom, two ICT rooms and a designated Art room.

The school is well resourced in all subject areas. Specialist teachers are employed to teach Music, ICT, Drama, French, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Learning Support, Physical Education and Swimming. French is taught in Years 5 and 6. From Year 3, students work on their own Chromebook devices to enhance independent learning.

A highlight every year at the school is as always to watch the plays, concerts, choral performances and sporting successes of the school. It is the students who make us proud with their eager and dedicated participation in all these activities. Within schools it often appears that the success of these events happens seamlessly, but it is the staff of the school who spend a considerable amount of time and exert a great deal of effort on you the student’s behalf in order to help make such events a success.

It is important to recognise that in school, as in life, barriers exist and there will be times when it seems that problems become unconquerable but through hard work and personal self-belief much can be achieved. As Winston Churchill said:

‘Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts’.

As pupils at K.E.S it is important to live up to your potential and the expectations of your family and school.

Head Teacher
Mr. Liam McLoughlin, BA (Hons) , PGCE, MA (Ed).