Students in Year 13 have the opportunity to become part of a dynamic Sixth Form Prefect team. The Senior High School Prefects are students from Year 13 with excellent behavioral histories who serve as role models to the students in the rest of the school. The Prefects have numerous duties alongside being role models, such as the monitoring of students in the rest of the school, acting as liaisons between the Sixth Form and the younger years, and participating in and organising many school events. The candidates for Prefect go through a rigorous selection process which takes into account behavioral history, academic and extracurricular history and demonstrated responsibility and organisational skills. These are students who act as mentors, guiding younger students to meet the expectations of Kuwait English School and the community.

Senior Prefects
The team of Prefects are led by a small group of exceptional Year 13 students known as the Senior Prefects. These students are outstanding in every element of school life particularly in their leadership and management skills. In an attempt to make the team of Senior Prefects more accessible to the younger students they each lead a team of Prefects who work with a specific year group. Responsibilities have included; assisting with the delivery of the tutorial programmes, organising year group student meetings and attending year group trips and outings.

This Year’s Senior Prefects and Prefects are:

Senior Prefect – Girl Senior Prefect – Boy
Manasi Hardikar Athbi Al Fadhli
Prefects- Girls Prefects- Boys
Mitra Malekghasemi Youssef Hassan
Anna Andraos Marcus Reid
Sara Shuhaiber Ahmed Kabil
Marianne Sawires Naoshad Sanjana
Nour Shubair Farid Mammadov
Nour Tawfiek
Emily Al Haddad