Kuwait English School is an academic school and children must be able to cope with the demands of the education we place upon them. The Preparatory Department of the school does not provide the support necessary for children with specific learning difficulties. Children are therefore tested informally before they enter the school. If a child is not in the country, a previous school report or conversation with the child’s previous school may suffice until the child arrives in Kuwait.

The assessment consists of an individual interview where the child’s concentration, problem solving skills, communication skills and fine motor control are assessed. Parents may attend the interview.

If a child has passed the assessment test an acceptance letter is written. The acceptance letter, along with other paperwork is taken to the school Accounts Department where a KD 200 deposit is paid to complete the registration.

Children are then placed into the correct class and year group. Occasionally a child may be admitted into a year group below their chronological age if it is felt their maturity or level of English requires it.

To attend KG a child must be 3 years old before 1st September for them to be considered for a place. Most children who are younger than 3.6 in the September are put into a younger KG class, with the possibility of them repeating KG if they are not mature enough for the demands of our Reception.

Waiting List

Applications for places are taken from January for the following September. Kuwait English School is very popular, so it is recommended that new students apply on the first working day in January.