Kuwait English School is an academic school and students must be able to cope with the demands of the education we place upon them. The main stream school does not provide the support necessary for students with specific learning difficulties. These are catered for in the Green Unit. Students are therefore tested before they enter the school. If a student is not in the country, a previous school report or conversation with the student’s previous school may suffice. Alternatively, an entrance test may be sent to the student’s current school.
The entrance test is used to assess whether a student is suitable to enter the school.

The Assessment

The assessment consists of a test where the student’s concentration, academic level, thought process and communication skills are assessed. A copy of the student’s previous school report is requested and discussed with the parents, if applicable. Appropriate questions are asked to the parents. Any serious discipline concerns are grounds for non-acceptance.
It is the Head Teacher’s decision as to whether the student is accepted or not. No students will be allowed admission unless they pass the entry requirements.
If a student has passed the assessment test an acceptance letter is written. The acceptance letter, along with other paperwork is taken to the school Accounts Department where a deposit is paid to complete the registration. It is not possible to register a student without all of the necessary paperwork. This must be brought into school at the time of the interview.
Students are then placed into the correct class and year group. There is an age guideline for each year. Occasionally a student may be admitted into a year group below their chronological age if it is felt their maturity or level of English requires it.
Please Note:

  • Applications for the next academic year opens on 1 December. Applications submitted before this date will not be accepted
  • Entrance test fees are Non-Refundable.

School Fees


KG Reception Infant Junior Senior Years 7-9 SeniorYears 10& 11 A Level
KD 1850 KD 2890 KD 2960 KD 3390 KD 3800 KD 3875 KD 4700