Green Unit Newsletter -15th SEPTEMBER 2019


 YEAR OF NATURE                    
Sunday 15th
Monday 16th


Seniors assembly (Curriculum) 

Infants and juniors weekly assembly (HT)

GLP/Senior Group H to Corniche 

7.50 – 8.30am

10.50 – 11.30am

10.50am – 12.50pm

Tuesday 17th                 
Wednesday 18th  Arabic workshop for parents  5.30pm
Thursday 19th               Students Pack – all reply forms collected 

Electives – seniors to Palms  





  • Year of Nature 
  • Students and staff are already working on projects related to Nature. Please encourage your children to stop bringing to school or using any disposable plastic bottles, containers, bags etc. Instead, promote reusable water bottles or lunch boxes and packaging that are environmentally friendly.   
    • Children will be asked to bring plants to school; we are also looking at the possibility to plant in the garden, each class could have their own space and look after their plants. 
    • Assemblies, tutorials , PSHE lessons provide a great opportunity to have group activities. Raising awareness is our main objective. 
    • In this letter you will find links to videos & TED talks on Nature, however I personally think it will be great to work with the  students on our very own video on this topic. 
  • Tough truths about plastic pollution 
  • What really happens to the plastic you throw away
  • Save our world 
  • Values in Education – Respect 
    • Respect, as agreed before the summer holiday, will be the first value introduced this year to all KES students. I included a link that will help you understand how the value of respect can be incorporated in curriculum & daily activities. 
  • Values in Education – Respect 
  • Chromebooks for new students 

New students will have a session of training on how to use chromebooks. Parents are invited to attend our technology workshop on Tuesday 24th September. 

  • Events  September/October

Arabic workshop for parents – 18th September 

Technology workshop for parents – 24th September

External Exams workshop for parents – 24th September

  • Mufti Day – Failaka   – 2nd October 

    Draft IEPs – 3rd October  

    Safeguarding and internet safety – workshop for parents (JH) – 8/9th October 

  • IEPs to parents – 10th October                              

Photos of the week 



CALENDAR Term 1 Parents Calendar 2019-2020 


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