Green Unit Newsletter -21st April 2019

Sunday 21st  


First day term 3

Infants swimming

Achievement Ceremony rehearsal – (Main Hall)

SWS boys swimming


8.30 -9.30am

10.50am -12.30pm


Monday 22nd  


Work experience (EPG)

Inf/Jun to Scientific Center TBC*

Seniors weekly assembly  

Seniors boys swimming

All day


7.50 – 8.30am


Tuesday 23rd                   Upper seniors PE

Lower senior boys swimming

Infants and juniors weekly assembly (HT)

Junior girls swimming/boys PE

7.50 – 8.15am




Wednesday 24th SWS to KITCO Factory

Infants swimming  

Junior boys swimming/girls PE

8.30am – 1.00pm



Thursday 25th               Achievement Ceremony rehearsal – (Main Hall)

SWS to Al Corniche Club

Electives – seniors to Palms



            QUOTE OF THE WEEK

EXAMS  …….



  • International Day 2019

I am sure we all agree it was by far the most lively event of the current academic year. Students thoroughly enjoyed the whole learning process, the tables were well organised and beautifully presented. I was very impressed with the level of knowledge and confidence; many staff members, parents and students prepared delicious samples of different traditional dishes  – great team work!

  • Al Hasawi Quran Competition

Our students achieved very good results in the recent Al Hasawi Quran Competition. Ali O, Jana M, Mohammed H, Abdullah S and Abdulaziz N, won in their respective age group/categories. Congratulations to students and parents. Special thanks to Mrs. Sohair and all Islamic staff for their hard work.

  • GU Achievement Ceremony 2019

Time flies and we are again preparing for the ASDAN Ceremony. This year we have a total of 25 students receiving the Bronze, Silver or Gold Award, a credit for this success goes to Miss Dominique and Mrs. Laura. We will also say farewell to our GU leavers, 9 students from senior learning support classes.   

Rehearsals are scheduled based on the main hall availability, please note some rehearsals may take place after school.

  • Ramadan timetable

Ramadan will most probably start in the beginning of week 3 (exact date will be confirmed a night before). Timetables will have to change significantly due to the shorter school day, all students (with exception to Prep Department) should arrive to school by 8.30 am and leave at 1.30 pm.  

  • End of clubs

GU extracurricular programme ended on Thursday 11th April, students were reminded by their teachers. I would like to thank you for your support, most clubs were well attended and had a positive impact on learning.

  • First day of term 3 – 21st April
  • SHS Prizegiving Ceremony – 23rd April
  • SHS Graduation Ceremony – 24th April
  • Last Day lessons for SHS year 11 – 24th April
  • Green Unit Achievement Ceremony – 30th April  (moved from 1st April)
  • Ramadan/Ramadan timetable start – 7th May (tbc)
  • Interviews to 6th Form – 9th and 13th May
  • Induction day (Infants to juniors/juniors to seniors) – 12th May
  • GU revision start – 14th May
  • GU exams start – 21st May
  • Eid Holiday – 3rd – 6th June (tbc)
  • Last day 2018-2019 for all KES students – 13th June
  • Reports issued – 18th June
  • Last day for teachers – 18th June


  • See Whole School Term 3 Calendar:

  Whole school term 3 calendar  


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