The language of instruction is English with the curriculum based on the English National Curriculum in Years 7-9. For students in Years 10 and 11 they work towards external exams  administered by Cambridge (UK) for  IGCSE, and GCSE subjects through Edexcel/Pearson (UK).  The IGCSE/GCSE exams are sat at the end of Year 11- this is when compulsory education finishes in UK schools. After this some students will leave Kuwait English School for Universities in Kuwait and other Gulf States or for pre-University Colleges in the States, or they will stay on to year 12.  At the end of Year 12 some students will leave for University [usually in the States, Lebanon or Kuwait], or they will stay on until Year 13 and then leave for the Ivy League universities in the States or for UK Universities. In Year 12 students embark on either a one year Advanced Subsidiary or a two year Advanced Level course in the three or four subjects of their choosing. Each subject is taught by a highly qualified and experienced specialist teacher. Currently we have students taking courses in the following subjects; Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, Geography, History, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, ICT, Art, Drama, DT, PE, Music, Music Technology, Spanish and French.

All students receive a weekly Physical Education lesson and Careers lesson and will benefit from the support and guidance of a dedicated tutor.

At the end of Year 12 and 13 students will sit an external examination under the auspices of the Edexcel/Pearson Examination Board.

Technology plays an important part in the Senior High school curriculum, with one to one devices for all students from years 7 through to year 13. The students are currently using Chromebooks for classwork, for homework [where they can write their homework on the chromebook and immediately submit it to the teacher through the Google Classroom App] and of course for research through the internet. Hapara App is used to ensure that students are on task and social media or other inappropriate sites are blocked. This is a relatively new initiative and the use of technology is still very much being developed with more Apps being used on a regular basis.

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