The school day starts at 7.30 am with a Flag raising ceremony. This means that students should arrive at school no later than 7.25 am. After flag raising students enter the school with their form tutor and go to their form room where they are registered.

The first lesson commences at 7.50 am and all lessons are made up of 20 minute modules, which means that they will be of 60 minutes, 80 minutes and 100 minutes in length.

There are two break times. The first is from 10.10 am until 10. 50 am. The second is from 12.50 pm until 1.10 pm.

The school day finishes at 2.30 pm. Senior High School Clubs and activities take place every day after school from 2.45 pm until 3.45 pm. [See Clubs and Activities].