Great achievement by KES scouts!

Four KES Scouts chosen to attend International Camps
A group of 4 Kuwait English School scouts were chosen by the Kuwait Scouts Association to partake in International scouts camps in Denmark and America.
The students were selected from amongst all 25 participating schools in the country. Kuwait English School is the only school to have this many scouts taking part.

Khalaf Al Qalaf, currently in year 7, and Sulaiman Al Saddah, year 9, will be attending the camp in Denmark whilst Abdulatif Al Qenai, a year 7 student, and Dhari Alawadhi, in year 11, will be travelling to America.
This is an extraordinary opportunity for the students, who, for 10 days, will be involved in a huge variety of activities, mixing with participating scouts from a wide range of cultures and making memories that will last a lifetime.
The staff members of the KES Scouts team, Mr Tarek Hassanien, Mr Medhat Yehya, Mr Mahmood Saber and Mr Waleed
AbuAlyazeed, all wish the 4 students a rewarding and unforgettable experience and would like to thank the School Chairman , Mr Mohammed Jassim Al Saddah, Vice Chairman Madam Naela Al Saddah, Financial Manager Madam Rula Al Saddah and the High Management team for their appreciation and continued support throughout the years.

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