Terms and Conditions of Registration

  1. The parents must agree to the Terms and Conditions of Registration and Re-registration set out below. The parents must and on their child’s behalf agree, to abide by the school’s policies and procedure and agree to sign that these information are true and accurate. 
  2. At registration the student must pass an interview with the Department Head Teacher/ person in charge, which will involve short tests. A copy of the student’s last school report must be provided. 
  3. The parent shall undertake to pay the school fees as specified by the school and shall inform the school of his wish not to re-register his son/daughter on the prescribed dates.
  4. The parents shall undertake to pay a registration fee of KD100 to reserve a place in school, on the dates issued by the school management. The registration will not be deemed complete and the place regarded as confirmed if payment of the said deposit has not been made. All paperwork necessary for registration must be submitted before registration can be completed. 
  5. This KD 100 will be deducted from the school fees. The paid deposit is non refundable. 
  6. The parents are not entitled to a refund of the first installment, and the school has the right to claim the first instalment, if the student attended the school, even for one day. 
  7. If the school fees are paid by a third party (Employer etc.) – please arrange to furnish the school with an official letter stating the responsibility of the Employer for the payment of school fees so that the registration procedure will be final, well in advance of the start of the academic year. The parent is otherwise deemed to be responsible for the payment of the registration deposit (KD100) which will be refunded to him following the payment of the school fees by the Employer. 
  8. Parents are required to present the medical records of their child at the time of initial registration. The school may refuse registration if medical records are not submitted at this time to the school nurse. In the case of medical records not being immediately available for clearly stated reasons beyond the parent’s control, a period of up to eight weeks will be allowed for submission. 
  9. It is the prerogative of the school to refuse the registration/re registration of a student if it transpires that his/her behaviour does not comply with the school’s Behaviour Policy. If the registration of the student has been completed, the parent has the right to redeem the registration fees in full. 
  10. The parent accepts that the school shall not be held responsible or liable for the loss of or damage to any item brought into the school. 

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