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We provide an extensive School Bus Service for KES pupils living in Kuwait. The School bus service is managed by our Transport Manager operated by a fleet of drivers who have all been checked and cleared. The School Bus Service operates routes across Kuwait.

The purpose of school bus transportation is to provide safe and  comfortable transportation for the school children.

Therefore, KES wishes the students and their families to abide by the rules and regulations of the Transportation Department to ensure a proper and smooth process. Kuwait English School ensures that the safety of our students is KES top priority.

Therefore, the Transportation Department would like to inform you of the following:

  • The time for getting in and out of the bus may change if a new student joins the bus
  • Depending on the route, the morning bus may start as early as 6:15 am
  • The student must be ready to board the bus, and the bus driver will wait for the student between 3-4 minutes
  • In the event that the student boards the bus for more than 4 minutes, the driver has the right to leave the place, and the guardian will have to take the responsibility of driving his son/daughter to school
  • When the bus returns in the afternoon – please make sure that an adult is present to receive the student
  • In the event that the guardian wants the student to rely on him/herself when getting out the bus and heading home – please send  a written message signed by the guardian stating that
  • No “roughhousing” of any kind, pushing, loud noises, fighting, profanity, and throwing of anything is strictly forbidden/prohibited
  • All students using the bus must wear seat belts throughout the trip
  • All students – bus users – must remain in their seats until the bus has come to a complete stop and the door has been opened
  • Arms, legs or head should not be out of the bus windows
  • All students using the bus must abide by the etiquette of standing, leaving and riding the bus with all discipline
  • Students who use the bus must protect their own space
  • It is not allowed to eat or drink while using the bus except for water 
  • Students must follow the driver’s instruction
  • It is forbidden for the guardian to interact with the bus students in any way, and he must refer to the school administration if he has any complaints
  • Violation of the instructions entails some penalties up to preventing the student from using the bus permanently
  • Buses are equipped with surveillance cameras

Transport Department Financial and Administrative Policy


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