Year 12 Entry Requirements

Our Sixth Form has simple aims:

  • To enable students to select subjects that satisfy their needs at excellent universities worldwide.
  • To develop intellectual curiosity and academic rigour.
  • To encourage students to embrace all aspects of school life fully

This document will give you an insight into entry requirements for admission into year 12  and a summary of the subjects that are potentially* on offer.

The entry requirements for Year 12 are as follows:

  • A Minimum of 6 Bs or a numerical score of 6 in your IGCSE/GCSE examinations
  • A Minimum of grade C in both English and Mathematics, regardless of if you will pursue these subjects in year 12
  • English language qualifications will only be counted once-  both English first language and English Second language cannot be counted towards the minimum entry requirements
  • Arabic as a second language will not count among the six subjects
  • Most subjects will require you to have studied the subject at IGCSE/GCSE A minimum grade of B will be an essential requirement in the chosen AS subject

In addition to the academic requirements, students will also need to demonstrate:

  • An excellent record of attendance and punctuality
  • A positive attitude to all school work

Students who meet the entry requirements will choose 3 AS subjects.

A small number of students will request an additional fourth subject. *However, this may not be possible for various reasons and is only accepted if the student is exceptionally gifted academically, as the demands are far more significant at this level. 

Most of our subjects follow a modular approach with examinations, where students sit exams in the January and June examination series. The following subjects *may be selected at both AS & A Level.


2.English Literature









11.Art Textiles

12.Fine Art

13.Design Technology


15.Music Technology


17.Sports Studies



20.Computer Science

*Important note:

All courses offered are subject to demand and availability. We try as hard as possible to accommodate each student’s subject combination request. However, this request might not always be possible due to scheduling constraints. If there are potential problems, then we will address each case individually.

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