Secondary School

Head Teacher’s Welcome

Head Teacher, Secondary School

Mr John Price

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Secondary School.
The students in the Secondary School go from being our “babies” in Year 7 through to becoming our young adults in years 12 and 13. This transition from child to young adult is amazing to see and allows us to witness dependent learners turning into independent learners who take responsibility for themselves and for their own learning. 

At Kuwait English School – in all Departments – we aim to:


  • We hope to INSPIRE the students to pursue excellence.
  • We challenge them to become independent learners, resilient and considered decision-makers.
  • We encourage them to become lifelong learners.

In the Secondary School we encourage the students and the staff to celebrate success and we promote a “can do’ attitude.

We strive for the development of individual potential and hope that we create a warm and welcoming learning environment. 

In addition we strive to develop the whole student – spiritually, socially, physically and morally – as these attributes are as important as the academic ones.

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Secondary School

Salwa, Area 11, Street 9 P.O. Box 8640,
Salmiya, 22057.  Kuwait

+965 2239 0106

Social Info

Values are very important to the students of Kuwait English School and these are taught right from Kindergarten.

The relationship between student – teacher – and parent  is a three-way co-operation. We welcome the input of parents; we need the involvement of the students and of course we must have the expertise of the teachers. This three- way co-operation will ensure that your sons and daughters receive the best possible education in all areas.

All of us in the Senior High School look forward to a positive relationship with our parents and a productive relationship with our students which ensures that they achieve their full potential.

Thank you for entrusting us with your sons and/or daughters. We shall look forward to meeting you, and working with you.




KES History

KES was founded in 1978 by Mr. Mohamed Jassim Al Saddah and Mrs. Rhoda Elizabeth Muhmood.


Academic Success

KES provides its students with a tradition of success to access the best universities in the world.



KES values its bonds with its graduates and works hard to create bonds between them.

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