Green Unit Art Initiative

Introducing an exciting and innovative collaborative educational project between our departments. This unique partnership brings together the Green Unit and the Art Department, orchestrated by the dedicated efforts of Mrs. Homa Aslam and Miss Dominique Hill, alongside the guidance of Mrs. Jehan Carew, for the development of an ongoing rotational art initiative workshops.

In this dynamic venture, our focus is to provide students with specialised art lessons utilising a variety of materials. The Green Unit’s remarkable educational practices have propelled them to greater heights. One notable highlight was Mrs. Jehan Carew’s engaging workshop on lantern making for the Green Unit students.

During this workshop, students enthusiastically embarked on constructing lantern frameworks, skillfully attaching the pieces with masking tape. The next step saw the students diligently applying wet-strength tissue paper and glue to enhance the lantern framework. Every student’s hard work culminated in the creation of their very own lantern.

This successful lantern-making session is just the beginning. In the following week, students will have the opportunity to express their creativity by adorning their lanterns with vibrant acrylic paint, further enriching their artistic journey. As we embark on this inspiring collaborative project, we are excited to witness the artistic growth and exploration of our students.

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