Green Unit Newsletter -11th November 2018

Week beginning Sunday 11th November 2018

Sunday 11th              Anti Bullying Week
GU Remembrance Day Assembly
Infants swimming
SWS boys swimming
Monday 12th         Weekly assembly (seniors and SWS)
Work experience  (Kidzania/EPG)
Diving session in Palms
7.50 – 8.30am
Tuesday 13th                   Seniors PE
Infants and juniors to Kidzania
Infants and juniors weekly assembly (cancelled)
Junior boys swimming/girls PE
Wednesday 14th Infants swimming
GLP to Direct Aid Charity
Charity Concert – rehearsal (choir students)
Junior girls swimming/boys PE
Thursday 15th               Seniors PE
SWS to Al Corniche
Palms (Elective)                    
Red Crescent Charity Concert
8.30 – 9.30am
9.00 – 11.30am
Friday 16thRed Crescent Charity Concert 7.00pm

Quotes of the week    

Green Unit updates
Healthy Lifestyle Week
I am sure all students enjoyed a variety of activities. Not only we had a number of special aerobics sessions, students also tried Italian and Mediterranean kitchen. Healthy meals were prepared by the well known Italian and Kuwaiti chefs and served in the garden. Fresh fruits and vegetable snacks were very popular, we hope this will encourage students to eat healthier. The guest speakers, Mr. Abdulaziz Al Rashed (Triathlon) and Mr.Mohammed Bou Rabae (Jet Ski) inspired positive response, particularly with the senior students who were very impressed with both speakers achievements, determination and passion to sport.   
I would like to thank Mr. Tolis & Mrs. Shanthi for organising and coordinating GU Healthy Lifestyle Week 2018. All staff contributing – great job.
Infants and juniors Concert
Once again we had a pleasure to watch our infants and juniors performing on stage, this time they took us on a trip around the world in only 1 hour.  
Students were confident, well prepared and most importantly, enjoyed the concert immensely.
I would like to congratulate Mrs. Homa and all infant and junior staff on their excellent work. In addition, huge thanks to Kasia, Joyce, Laura and Oliver for their support. Overall – fantastic teamwork. Well done.
Remembrance Day – Sunday 11th November
In lines with our tradition, all students and staff should gather in the garden for the special flag raising. This also means that no GU students should attend main school flag raising on this particular day.
Students will be taught of the historical backgrounds during tutorials, History and PSHE lessons.
The Gala Concert – 15 and 16th of November
The Charity Gala Concert will be held on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th of November at the main school hall. Our choir, conducted by Kasia have been invited to perform a song. Students are very excited and possibly, a bit stressed to sing in front of a big audience. I would like to thank Kasia and all choir students for their effort. .
Change to winter uniform – 18th November
As the weather is slowly changing we are approaching the time students need to start wearing school winter uniforms. Parents will be sent a letter with information next week.
Residential trips overseas 2018 – 2019
This year our senior students are offered a trip to Rome Italy in April. Students were already presented with the introductory letter, please contact Mr. Waleed for further details.
GU calendar updates – November

  • Remembrance Day – Flag Raising Ceremony – Sunday 11th November
  • Anti Bullying week – 11th to 15th November
  • Red Crescent Concert – 15th and 16th November
  • BSO pre-inspection visit – 18th and 19th November
  • Change to winter uniform – 18th November
  • Quran Competition – 26th November
  • GU Sports Day – Thursday 29th November

Photos of the week
Healthy Lifestyle Week 2018


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