Green Unit Newsletter -23rd September 2018


Week beginning Sunday 23rd September 2018

Sunday 23rd              Infants swimming
SWS boys swimming
Monday 24th          Weekly assembly (seniors and SWS)
Upper seniors boys swimming
Parental Workshop (Cyber Safety) – main school hall
7.50 – 8.30am
Tuesday 25th                   Junior boys swimming/girls PE
Parental Workshop (Senior curriculum/external examination & Safeguarding & Mental Health)
Wednesday 26th Infants swimming
GLP to Kuwait Flour Mills
Weekly assembly (infants and juniors)
Junior girls swimming/boys PE
10.10 – 10.40am
Thursday 27th               GSA/GSC/GSG/GST to the Hub Gallery
Seniors to Palms (Elective)
12.50 pm

Photos of the week     
Juniors trip to Engineering for Kids
Green Unit updates
Parental Workshop  – Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th at 5.30 pm

  • Next workshops (Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th September) will focus on cyber safety, external examinations, senior high school curriculum, safeguarding and mental health. All parental workshops aim to provide our parents with up-to-date information on education and current trends in learning. We do appreciate that you are extremely busy however, your participation in these workshops is essential to ensure your son/daughter has support needed to achieve success. Please note that the workshops are not suitable for children to attend.

Individual Educational Plan – IEP

  • All GU students follow an Individual Educational Plan drafted by teachers and specialists. Targets for different subjects will be available for parents on School Portal. Students are informed of their targets, they are also frequently reminded what they need to do to improve their performance and achieve better results.
  • Parents are invited to discuss their child’s IEP during individual Parents-Teacher meeting.

Health and Safety

  • We work very hard to ensure your children are always safe. Please help us by following simple school rules:
  • A bell will be installed to ensure guests and visitors are able to announce their presence. Guards have a remote control to open the main door even if they are busy in other areas of the parking lot. Main gate to the Green Unit must remain locked with exception to break times.
  • Visitors and guests should be escorted to their meetings at all times. List of appointments will be shared with security guards, Mrs. Joyce and main school reception. All visitors and guests must have a badge on a lanyard available in main school reception.

GU nurse

  • We have an inhouse nurse – Mrs. Shanthi who is responsible for our students’ health. If you have any concerns regarding your son/daughter health, please contact Mrs. Shanthi who will, if needed, advise you regarding other medical referral. Mrs. Shanthi should also have updated medical files therefore is there is anything important, please inform us immediately, this way we will be able to assist your child in a better way.

GU calendar updates – September/October

  • KES Cyber Safety workshop for parents – 24th September at 5.30 pm
  • GU IGCSE/GCSE introductory meeting 25th September at 5.30 pm
  • GU Parental workshop – Safeguarding. Mental Health – 25th September at 5.30 pm
  • GU Term 1 clubs start – 30th September
  • GU Parental workshop – Arabic curriculum part 1 & 2 – 2nd and 3rd October
  • Mufti Day – Ahmedi – 2nd October
  • Parents Day (no students) – Tuesday 16th October

Parental workshop

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