Green Unit students participate in MICROSOFT event at KidZania.

GU Students were invited to KIDZANIA for a special event on Sunday 28th October 2018. Students had an amazing opportunity to experience and try out the new games and role play area from MICROSOFT.

They were introduced to three different interactive activities involving a variety of different technology. They had STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) tasks measuring the distance cars can travel at different heights, speed and weight. Students could also learn about creating 3D images, and augmented reality where real life pictures can be mixed with computer images. As well as creating simple computer programs to control and move Robots.

All in all students had an amazing time taking part and being invited to be the first people to play and interact with these new activities at the new Microsoft role play area at KidZania.

Thank you to KIDZANIA and MICROSOFT for including the Green Unit in this fabulous event.

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