Our festival joins with international authors and Winter festivals around the world to promote:

  • The Language of Lyrics Literature (SD)
  • The Ancient Art of Storytelling (Arabic SD/JD)
  • Poetry and Puppets (Arabic SD/JD)
  • Creating a Character (Arabic SD)
  • Page to Stage Performances (SD/JD)
  • Radio & Rhythm (SD)
  • Structuring Shakespeare Sonnets (SD/JD)
  • A Picture Tells a Story (SD & JD)
  • The Language of Lyrics (SD)
  • Webinars,Book launches with International Authors,
  • Festivals, theatres and Playwrights (SD,JD&ID)
  • Patriotism, Propaganda and Pope (World War One) (SD)
  • Seriously Spooky Settings (SD)
  • Guest poetry and narrative readings (JD)
  • Poets and Writers (JD)
  • Exhibition of online Artwork (JD)
  • Powerful Poetry Podcasts (SD)
  • Oxford Owl e-library Programme for our children (ID)
  • Our Favourite Book Competition (ID)
  • My Favourite Book Hero Drawing Competition (ID)
  • Meeting the director of Charles Dickens’
  • The Tale of Ebenezer Scrooge by One World Actors Centre (JD)

For more information please check the KES school Website
*ID/Infant Department, JD/Junior Department, SD/Senior


KES Cultural Season


KES History

KES was founded in 1978 by Mr. Mohamed Jassim Al Saddah and Mrs. Rhoda Elizabeth Muhmood.


Academic Success

KES provides its students with a tradition of success to access the best universities in the world.



KES values its bonds with its graduates and works hard to create bonds between them.

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