Kuwait English School Art Exhibition

The annual art exhibition is a much anticipated event at Kuwait English School. The Art and Design Team were thrilled to open the 2023 exhibition entitled ‘Animate’ on Sunday 12 March.

Every year, the art exhibition celebrates the high standard of artwork at Kuwait English School, showcasing both guided and unaided pieces from students in Year 1 through to Year 13. The artworks are created using a variety of techniques, including digital art, sculpture, textiles, recycled materials, photography and mixed media.

Ms Jehan Carew, Head of Art and Design, and Mr Chris Hansen, Head of School, opened the exhibition; welcoming guests including parents, educators and the South African and South Korean ambassadors. Also in attendance were the artists of the student body, who presented their work and guided the guests through the exhibition.

Ms Jehan Carew hosted the event, accompanied by the Art and Design team: Mr Dean O’Connor, Mr Daniel Luke, Ms Malitta Fernandes, Mr Robert Cowden, Mr Liam Smyth and Mr Mark Prins.

The theme of the exhibition is “Animate” which represents cartoons and livens creativity and movement in the artist’s own way. It was set up to give the gallery experience of being immersed in art, including pop art figures clambering over the gallery, draped on textiles and cascading down the fabric.

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