Prep News

The Prep Department hosted a Paper folding Art Demo on Wednesday this week. A professional man (an artist) visited the department and shared with our children few of his techniques of turning normal paper into great creations. Children admired beautiful multicoloured flowers, long paper chains of people, a palm tree and many more.
Mufti Day took place on Wednesday in Prep as well. Children were happy to wear their casual clothes and donate a small amount of money for a noble cause, helping people in need.
On Thursday, Prep celebrated  Blue Day at school. The entrances and the playgrounds were nicely decorated with blue balloons. To make this day special, children, as well as teachers, came to school dressed in blue. Some children brought their favourite blue toy to school. During the day, children participated in various activities like sponge dabbing, finger painting and paper sticking with a great enthusiasm and came up with fantastic creations.

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