Preparatory and Infant Department Parents’ Weekly Newsletter -4

Newsletter 4


Week Beginning 1st October

All WeekMinistry of Health Healy CHecks for Reception, Y1 and Y2 students
Wednesday 4th OctoberMufti Day
Paper Art Demonstration
Thursday 5th OctoberBlue Day in KG and Reception

Week Beginning 8th October

Thursday 12th OctoberYellow day in KG and Reception

Water Bottles
Year 2 have been looking at protecting the environment and when I was visiting 2A this week they were looking at this. It was quite a scary thought that it takes 450 years for a plastic water bottle to biodegrade and that the packaging on meat and some vegetables never biodegrade. I want to reduce the amount of plastic cups we use in school, so please can your children bring in a reusable water bottle into school with their name on it that they can fill up if they need to to avoid using plastic cups at break time.
Medicines in School
If your child needs to have medicine in school, please can you bring it into school and give it to the nurse. It is not safe for young children to bring medicine into school unsupervised. Some medicine tastes good and children could drink it all! Medicines should all be given to the nurse who with administer them.
Healthy Lunches
I would really like to thank you for supporting us with our healthy lunches. The children in the Department have lovely, healthy, imaginative lunches. We are have a few problems with children bringing nuts to school. We do have a number of children with serious nut allergies, so please don’t bring nuts to school (even though they are healthy!)
Paper Art
On Wednesday we have a paper art display in school. The man sells books and paper explaining how to do the art. The books cost KD2. If you child wants to buy a book, please can they bring their money in preferably before Wednesday, but at the latest Thursday.
Mufti Day
We have a Mufti Day on Wednesday. Children can come to school wearing their own clothes and we raise money for charity. They bring in 500 fils if they come into school in their own clothes.
Reception, Year 1 and 2 After School Clubs
Please can you collect your children from these clubs by 2.15pm.
Dropping children off in the morning.
Please do not drop or collect children from the bus gate in the Prep. Department. It causes a backup of traffic and the buses can’t get through.
We have already had an incidence of Head lice in Reception and Year 2. We are checking the children’s hair, but please ensure girls tie their hair up to avoid the spreading of this. It may also be wise for you to check your children’s hair this weekend.
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