Primary Students celebrate Geography Day

There was much excitement last Thursday as our primary students all took part in a Geography Day. Lots of interesting enquiry based activities were planned to utilise students’ prior knowledge and skills, as well as link in with some elements of their current Geography units of work.

At Kuwait English School our Geography curriculum aims to provide our students with an opportunity to think critically about the world around them. It helps them to understand and appreciate how humans interact with the environment and the impact of their actions. Through studying maps, graphs, and data, our students learn how to analyse information, interpret data, and draw their own conclusions.

Lots of different activities took place across all the year groups.

Year 1 were busy finding out about a range of different countries such as Kenya, India, Spain and Japan and made their very own passports which the teachers stamped as they visited each classroom to find out some interesting facts about these countries.

Year 2 had also had a very busy day travelling to seven different continents! Each class researched one continent and presented their findings using posters, slides and videos. The children then used their continent passport to record facts that they learnt in each classroom. They found out a range of information on  the animals, flags, food, landmarks and languages from each continent.

The Year 3 continent of study was Africa, where the main focus was Egypt. This was closely linked to the History topic of Ancient Egypt. The children looked amazing in their Ancient Egyptian costumes and were inspired to create some wonderful necklaces. There was also a major exploration of how important the River Nile was to Egypt, from flooding and crops to transport, trade and building with mud bricks.

Year 4 had a special focus on Asia. Each class in Year 4 was assigned a different Asian country to explore and learn about – countries such as the Philippines, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Brunei and Japan formed part of their study. Students were invited  to dress up in the national attire of the country or don the colours of its flag. Much work was done on exploring flags, plants, animals, and the national dishes of their assigned countries. There was great excitement as students planned their imaginary trips to visit these fascinating nations.

Year 5 investigated a variety of South American countries including, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil & Suriname. They looked at landmarks, geographical features and the history of these countries and the children produced some amazing work on Google Slides. Other activities included redesigning the flags and creating their own fact files on the different countries.

Year 6 students were tasked with finding three interesting facts about a country in North America or Central America. They had to include the landscape background of their chosen country in pop art self-portraits. There were quizzes on particular countries and some classes even video called someone they knew who was living in that particular North American country!

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