Year 5 & 6 Art Committee

Embarking on an imaginative adventure, the Year 5 & 6 Art Committee at our Primary School has transformed break time in the junior STEAM room into a lively hub of artistic expression. Pioneering the school’s first-ever assembly of its kind, the committee was selected based on their status as budding artists through a discerning process of written applications, where students conveyed their aspirations to participate, accompanied by two dazzling artworks.

Channeling their creativity onto canvases, the students have already prepared for the upcoming Art Exhibition in March, where they will also showcase their masterpieces at an art auction at the end of the exhibition. The art they’ve created reflects their personal choices. The committee’s current project involves crafting National Day and Liberation Day murals, celebrating Kuwait with honour. Soon, these visually striking creations will adorn the playground walls. With an eye toward the future, the Year 5 & 6 Art Committee is gearing up to unveil its first art magazine, promising a myriad of exciting events on the horizon. Stay tuned for an artistic journey that promises to inspire, challenge, and encourage students to succeed.

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