A student’s account of a very memorable History trip

This year 20 students, accompanied by Mr and Mrs Hardy, went on the annual KES History trip which took place from 18th to 25th October.
It proved to be a real  adventure – transporting us to London and South West England!  
It was an exceptional chance for all of us to explore the monuments that Britain has to offer, both historic and modern.
First, we visited Hampton Court and the South Bank in London, where we also experienced travelling by tube, train and boat and the magnificent London Eye. The group followed in the footsteps of Harry Potter on a walking tour and saw “Aladdin” at a West End theatre, which had astounding special effects. We were mesmerised by the experience!
In the West country, the visits included trips to many different castles and interesting museums, a memorable day in Dartmouth and a dare-devil climbing session at “Go Ape” in Haldon Woods.
Such a trip offers an incomparable method to learn about the topics we cover in Key Stage 3 history. Some would argue that we learned more than we ever would have done from a textbook.
All the students that participated in the History Trip quickly turned into a family… As Tom Cahill says “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.
A trip like this can leave one speechless, that is my personal case. It passed by faster than we could say “history”,  but I guess time does fly when you’re having fun!
All in all, this was an incredible, memorable experience.

By Lojain Al Shaiji Yr 10

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