Green Unit Newsletter -2nd December 2018


Week beginning Sunday 2nd December 2018


Sunday 2nd               Revision week
Infants swimming
SWS boys swimming
Art exhibition (students work in Avenues)
Monday 3rd          Weekly assembly (seniors and SWS)
Work experience  (EPG)
Seniors boys swimming
Art exhibition (students work in Avenues)
Meeting re international trip to Italy
7.50 – 8.30am
Tuesday 4th                    Senior boys swimming/girls PE
Infants and juniors weekly assembly
Junior boys swimming/girls PE
SHS Production
Wednesday 5th GLP to Dar Al Funoon Gallery
Infants swimming
Junior girls swimming/boys PE
SHS Production
Thursday 6th               GU School Photographs
Last day for term 1 clubs
GLP to Al Corniche
Seniors to Palms
SHS Production
9.00 – 11.30am
12.50 pm

Quotes of the week
Green Unit updates

  • GU Sports Day  

My sincere thanks to all staff members who helped to organise our annual Sports Day. The event was very successful and both students and staff equally enjoyed different activities. I would like to thank Mr. Tolis and Mrs. Joyce in particular for their commitment, time and hard work – great job!
Mrs. Shanthi, with some help from Mrs. Justyna and Mrs. Simi, organised healthy lunch packs  – these were well appreciated by students and staff.
Congratulations to Burghan House for winning Sports Day; well done  Jahra – second,Failaka – third and Ahmedi – fourth place.

  • SHS Sports Day

We are very proud of our senior students for achieving truly excellent results in SHS Sports Day.
Year 7 High jump – Sahoo Al Sahoo (bronze)
Year 9 high jump – Julian Smuts (silver)
Year 9 100 m – Julian Smuts (silver); Cameron Maclachlan (bronze)  
Year 11-12 long jump – Hussain Al Shatti (gold); Abdulrahman Al Rashdan (silver)
Year 12-13 – high jump – Zainab (gold)
Year 12-13 – 1500 meters – Zainab (silver)
Year 12-13 – shot put – Salem and Hamood (gold and silver)

  • Art Exhibition

Two students were chosen to represent KES GU in the SEN Art Exhibition 2018, their artwork will be displayed in Avenues. Congratulations to Yara and Lulwah for their beautiful paintings.

  • School photographs

GU school photographs, both individual and class ones will be taken on Thursday 1st December. Please ensure all students have their winter uniform (there have been a number of students in summer uniform this week). On this occasion, may I remind you that students should wear school blazers when lining up or walking to main school.

  • Revision and exams

Revision guidelines and examinations timetable were already shared with students and parents or will be sent on Sunday. Students were introduced to our exam week procedures, they are aware that during revision and exam period no doctor appointments should be arranged (unless absolutely necessary). Please encourage your child to revise at home and to ask questions when he/she has a revisission session at school.

  • Reports

Infants and juniors term 1 reports will be on School Portal on Thursday 20th December while seniors reports will be ready by the end of January.  New IEPs will be issued in January 2019.

  • SHS production ‘Great Expectation’ – 4, 5 and 6th December

Tickets for the SHS production of ‘Great Expectations’ are still available (5 KD per ticket). If you haven’t done it yet, I strongly recommend to book a ticket and watch the show – I am sure you and your child will have a wonderful time.

  • GU calendar updates – November and December

Art exhibition (Avenues) – 1, 2 and 3 December
Revision week – 2 to 6th December
Infants and juniors assessment week – 9 to 13th December
School photographs – 6th December
Term 1 Clubs end – 6th December
Achievement Assembly – 13th December
Issue of infants and juniors reports – 20th December
Main school update
*Check the whole school term 1 calendar shared with all staff
School Photo Schedule
Thursday 6 Dec 2018

Time Form/Class Class/form
8.00-8.20 GIM
8.20-8.40 GIA
8.40-9.10 GIW
9.10-9.30 GJR
9.30-9.50 GJV
9.50-10.10 GJY
10.10-10.30 GLP
10.30-10.50 GSA
10.50-11.10 GSB
11.10-11.30 GSF
11.30-11.50 GSC
11.50-12.10 GSG
12.10-12.30 GSO
12.30-12.50 GST

Photos of the week                                                             SPORTS DAY 2018