Green Unit Newsletter -95h September 2018

Week beginning Sunday 9th September 2018

Sunday 9th              Infants swimming
SWS boys swimming
Letter re workshops to parents
Monday 10th          Heads meeting8.00am
Tuesday 11th                   Junior boys swimming/girls PE12.50pm
Wednesday 12th Weekly assembly (seniors and SWS)
Infants swimming
Weekly assembly (infants and juniors)
Junior girls swimming/boys PE
7.50 – 8.30am
10.10 – 10.40am
Thursday 13th               Letter re clubs to parents

Quote of the week   
By Steve Jobs

Green Unit updates

  • Timetable


  • Apologies for the ongoing changes made to students timetables. I am aware how confusing this may be however we should have our final version of all timetables next week. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Clubs


  • A letter with information will be emailed to parents on Thursday, 13th September. I would strongly encourage all students to take part in our extracurricular activities as they provide countless opportunities to develop new skills and gain valuable experience. Term 1 clubs will start on Sunday, 30th of September and finish on Thursday 6th December


  • Uniform


  • I noticed that some students are still not wearing the correct school uniform. Please do ensure that your son/daughter comes to school in a required uniform. You will be able to find more details on our school website should you wish to seek further information on school uniform policy.


  • Student’s pack


  • Gentle reminder reply forms (second page and all section B) should be collected and sent to school by Thursday 13th at the latest. Section A and C (essential information) are really dedicated to parents and students hence we are not collecting those.


  • Islamic New Year – Tuesday 11th September will most probably be declared a public holiday – awaiting confirmation.


  • GU calendar updates – September


  • Islamic New Year Holiday – 11th September (tbc)
  • GU parental workshop – technology (School Portal, E-safety) part 1 School Portal – September at 5.30 pm
  • GU parental workshop – technology (Chromebooks & Google classroom) part 2 Seniors,  Infants, Juniors 18th September at 5.30 pm
  • GU IGCSE/GCSE introductory meeting 25th September at 5.30 pm
  • GU Parental workshop – Behaviour modification strategies 25th September at 5.30 pm
  • GU Term 1 clubs start – 30th September
  • GU Parental workshop – Arabic curriculum part 1-  2nd October
  • GU Parental workshop – Arabic curriculum part 2 & Islamic Studies – 3rd October
  • IEPs on School Portal – 4th October



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