Preparatory and Infant Department Parents’ Weekly Newsletter -1

9th September 2018

Kuwait English School Preparatory and Infant Department

Parents’ Weekly Newsletter


Week Beginning 9th September


Sunday 9th SeptemberYear 1 Parents’ Meeting 5.30pm
After School Club Starts
Monday 10th SeptemberYear 2 Parents’ Meeting 5.30pm
Tuesday 11th SeptemberIslamic New Year – No school tbc
Wednesday 12th September
Thursday 13th SeptemberYellow Day KG and Reception

Week Beginning 16th September

Sunday 16th September
Monday 17th September
Tuesday 18th September
Wednesday 19th September
Thursday 20th SeptemberBlue Day in KG and Reception

I would like to welcome all of the new and returning parents and children to school. We are ready for a fun filled, exciting year ahead and I am sure that your child/ children will soon settle into school. It can be quite a stressful time for all of the children in the Prep. and Infant Department as any change can be hard for young children. Try and talk to them and explain to them what is going on, particularly with the youngest children.
Parents’ Information Evenings
We will hold the Year 1 meeting will on Sunday 9th September and Year 2 meeting on Monday 10th September at 5.30pm in the Main School Hall.
These meetings explain about what and how we teach your children. It would be good to see as many as possible of you.
It is important that you read these policies as they relate to the smooth running of the department.
Security Policy
Arrival Policy
Attendance Policy
Healthy Lunches Policy
The Curriculum Handbooks
The links below give information as to what we teach and our expectations for each Year Group.
KG Handbook
Reception Handbook
Year 1 and 2 Handbook
After School Club
After school club will begin on Sunday 9th September. The Year 1 and 2 Club is now full. We will not be accepting any more children for this club.
Security Cards
Please ensure you have your security card with you when you collect your child. If someone who does not usually collect your child will be collecting them, we will allow a child to go with a photograph of the security card on a phone.
PE and Swimming in Years 1 and 2
Children will not be allowed to participate in swimming or PE if they are wearing any jewellery, including earrings. Children lost jewellery last year when they took it off for PE and swimming and we want to avoid this happening.
When children in Years 1 and 2 are swimming, please can they come to school in their trainers. They can put crocs or flip flops in their swimming bag for the poolside.
Term 1 Calendar and other useful information
Please find a link below to the term 1 Calendar. This may change as the term progresses. Prep and Infants is the column on the far right.
Term 1 Calendar
The school website below has lots of information on it, including the year calendar.
School website
Below there is a Prep and Infant website with useful information on what we teach and how we teach it.
Prep and Infant website
Interesting Article
I am looking forward to a wonderful 2018-2019 with your children.
Helen Searle

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