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Kuwait English School Green Unit aims to be a leading Special Education Needs Department where students can thrive and fully develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills in order to take a full, active and responsible role in their local community and beyond as Global Citizens and Ambassadors for students with disabilities.

Teaching & Learning Values

The Governing Body and  staff of Kuwait English School Green Unit believe it is important that teaching and learning:

  • Is of a high standard
  • Uses a variety of methods and approaches to promote critical thinking and active learning
  • Is sharply focused and includes on-going assessment
  • Is stimulating and engaging  
  • Is relevant to the needs of each student
  • Links student learning to real-world examples and applications where possible
  • Recognises and promotes achievements in all areas
  • Promotes positive learning behaviour and supports it being sustained
  • Is supported by appropriate levels of learning resources and access to developing technologies

Academic Curriculum

Kuwait English School Green Unit is aspirational and ambitious for all its students. As the students progress through Early Years to KS4 and KS5 (where appropriate) they all have the chance, as appropriate, to access and be successful in a range of Kuwait Ministry accredited qualifications.

The curriculum delivered at the Green Unit is similar to that of mainstream education with the exception that class groups are smaller and the curriculum is differentiated to meet the particular and special needs of the students. In addition, the PSHE & Citizenship Course includes developing social and emotional skills (SEAL – Social Emotional Aspects of Learning & EI – Emotional Intelligence) and independent learning and living skills with opportunities for practice in a real-life setting, through Work Related Learning and placements.

In addition, there is significant community engagement for students in our work experience and after school activity programme. A range of subjects are offered to students within the Green Unit according to Vocational or Academic stream, further detail of which may be found in the booklets linked below:

  1. Early Years Foundation Stage & Primary (KS1 – KS2)
  2. Seniors Curriculum (KS3 – KS5)
  3. ASDAN Curriculum
  4. Arabic Curriculum
  5. Islamic Curriculum

The emphasis throughout the whole curriculum is to achieve the principles of ‘every child matters’ and successfully prepare all students for independent living, local community engagement, continued learning, access to recreational opportunity and workplace employment.

The ‘Green Unit Curriculum’ is based around 3 themes:

  • Developing academic potential and the ability of students to transfer those skills to everyday life and work situations. This will include increased access to externally accredited examinations such as GCSE/IGCSE’s, AS and A Levels.
  • Developing social and emotional skills and levels of emotional intelligence to enable students to present and conduct themselves with confidence and independence in a range of ‘real life’ situations. This will include targeted learning of social skills to develop the student as a more confident and positively engaging member of their family, school and local community.
  • Developing an understanding and awareness of recreational and work-related settings and providing learning opportunities for engagement in both. This will include teaching: the skills for working life; the value of continued learning; the skills for independent and group/family living; the opportunities for engaging in sporting, recreational, artistic, musical, daily travel and adventurous travel ‘real life’ opportunities in Kuwait and beyond. The skills are covered in a variety of ASDAN programmes.

In addition, within the national curriculum provision at Green Unit the curriculum is being continually developed to provide a real-life context to the academic and social development of each student to successfully prepare them for independent living, local community engagement, continued learning, access to recreational opportunity and workplace employment.

Students will be able to transfer out of Green Unit to full-time vocational courses or work-placed careers when appropriate opportunities have been identified and secured.  

Our curriculum model is totally committed to encompass the school vision and mission statement ‘Inspire, Challenge and Encourage’.

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