GU News!

Infants and Junior students sang a variety of wonderful songs they have been practising in music with Mrs Kasia during Assembly this week. Students were also presented with Achievement certificates for working hard and preparing for their upcoming assessments.

A Selection of GU Senior boys competed in the Al Marifa Sports Day competition earlier this week. They competed against 24 schools and WON 5 medals.

Osama Al Kazmi – 1st place – Running 50m, Ahmed Shabti – 1st place – Shot Put, Johann D’Souza – 2nd place – Shot Put, Ali Rohaldeeb – 3rd place – Running 50m, Aly Rashwan- 3rd place – Long Jump, Well Done to all who participated!

The GU Department had a wonderful time during their Sports Day held at Hassan Abul Stadium. Lots of fun and exciting events including Obstacle courses, Javelin, Long Jump and Archery to name but a few were enjoyed by all. Students were supporting their House team and showing support to their teammates. After a great day of competition the House winner this year was FAILAKA.

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