KALD Talent Show

On Saturday 17th March 2018, The Green Unit Choir participated in the KALD Annual Talent Show. Students from 11 schools competed in a variety of different performances including acting, singing, drama, playing musical instruments and a blacklight show, to name but a few. The show was entertaining and filled with great talent.

The GU Choir performed ‘Power in Me,’ and twin boys from Infants Eissa and Zaid Ahmad sang their version of ‘Under the Sea.’

It is with great pride that the GU Choir won 1st prize, and Eissa and Zaid won 2nd prize.  The passion the students showed in their performances overwhelmed the judges and the audience. Credit must be given to Mrs. Katarzyna (Kasia)  Zadlo- Papadopoulou for her dedication and commitment in working with the students.


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