KES teachers and administrators attended trainings organized by the Teaching and Learning community project

Leadership Masterclass

Our middle leaders from across the whole school came together to attend a masterclass designed especially for KES. The course was delivered by Fred Haentjens from Boxology, a leading development and training organisation based in Bahrain. The course focused on modern leadership approaches and practices that are essential to our mission to deliver the highest level of quality professional development for our staff. It was a wonderful opportunity for some of our leaders to focus on the skills and collaborations that make our school so successful. A fantastic way to start the year. 

Karen Ardley Associates – Teaching and Learning community project 

A large group of our dedicated staff from across every department within the school attended a two day workshop that signified our commitment to developing our already outstanding approach to teaching and learning. This project will continue throughout this academic year and it will drive our mission to ensure that our students have access to the highest possible levels of outstanding learning that is based on the latest research and proven methods of teaching. We believe that by empowering our staff through the sharing of practice, researching new concepts and developing their already outstanding skills that we can continue to be a leading force in education across the Middle East. 

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