Kuwait National Day Celebrations

The Infant Department celebrated Kuwait National Day and Liberation Day at Kuwait English School. The students came in a huge variety of amazing outfits to represent traditional Kuwait dress and the Kuwait colours. A number of boys dressed in smart dishdashas and lots of girls arrived in beautiful abayas or dresses with incredible Arabic embroidery.

The Arabic department continued to work hard all through the morning in preparation for both Year 1 and Year 2 to enjoy the fantastic show they had rehearsed. Students involved in the presentation were practising all morning! This was evident in their incredible performances.

All of the Infant department were so excited to come into the main hall and watch their fellow pupils perform traditional Arabic dance and songs. The students performing did such a wonderful job of remembering lots of moves, words and their places on the big stage. If they were nervous, they didn’t show it at all!

Also, it was lovely to see the students who are beginners learning Arabic involved in the show. They sang a lovely song all in Arabic and even performed a dialogue in Arabic demonstrating the wonderful skills they have learnt with their teachers.

A massive thank you to all of the Arabic department who worked tirelessly to create a fantastic day for all of us. Congratulations to the students who were absolutely superb!

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