Preparatory and Infant Department Parents’ Weekly Newsletter -19

11th February 2018

Preparatory and Infant Department Parents’ Weekly Newsletter
Week Beginning 11th February 2018

Sunday 11th February
Monday 12th February
Tuesday 13th FebruaryKG Yellow Parents Open Day 8.15-9.30
Wednesday 14th FebruaryFriendship Mufti Day
Thursday 15th FebruaryKG Brown’s Parents Open Day 8.15-9.30

Week Beginning 18th February 2018

Sunday 18th FebruaryPrep National Day Celebration 9.00am main hall
Prep children to dress up
Monday 19th FebruaryInfant National Day Celebration
Infant children to dress up in Kuwaiti clothes
Tuesday 20th FebruaryCelebration of Lights
Wednesday 21st February
Thursday 22nd FebruaryBreak up for National Day Holiday. Return on 4th March

Reception Parents’ Assemblies and Open Days
All Parents in KG Yellow are invited to a short assembly and open day on Tuesday 13th February and KG Brown on Thursday 15th February from 8.15am until 9.30. The children will sing a few songs to you on the stage and then there will be the opportunity for you to spend some time playing outside with your child and their friends and finding out how we learn in KG.
Please can this be a ‘Mobile Free Time.’ We will take photographs and want you to spend quality time with your child.
KG Open Days
Year 1 and 2 Sports Day
Thank you to all of the parents who attended sports day. It was a great day and the children had such fun. There will soon be photographs on the Photograph site.
Friendship Mufti Day
On Wednesday we will have a friendship Mufti Day. Children can come to school wearing their own clothes.
Internet Safety
As we are looking at internet safety at the moment, please have a look at this website. It gives some tips as to what you should be discussing with your child according to their age. We will be holding a parent meeting after the holiday about this.
Internet safety
Reading stories with your child
If you don’t do so already, please read with your child everyday and discuss their books with them, even if they can read by themselves already. It is important to read their reading books, but also other stories too. Children love it when parents spend some time reading to them. It is valuable in many ways: Reading with your child
To encourage this and for your child to read we are setting up a Year 1 and 2 Reading Challenge. From Sunday 11th February we would love your child to bring in a book each time they have read one, and tell their teacher a little about it. We will be running a competition to see which class can read the most books! Children can bring in books from home and books they have borrowed from the School Library.
On March 28th we will announce the winning class! This will also be Book Character Day, when we would like each child to come dressed as a character from a book they have read. If possible your child should bring in the book containing the character to share with the class.
There are some exciting characters in books, and we encourage you and your child to work together on creating their costume! We all look forward to seeing the results! We will have a character parade so the children can appreciate each other’s costumes, and discover some exciting new books to read!
National and Liberation Day Celebrations
The Reception Celebration will take place on the 18th February in the main school hall at 9.00am. All Reception parents are invited. Please can all children in KG also wear National Dress on this day .
Infant parents, you should have received a letter earlier today about your children’s celebration.
Arriving to school late and being collected early
Some children are arriving late to school on a regular basis. Please bring your child to school on time and do not collect them early unless it is very important and you have told us in advance.
Useful Links
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2018-2019 calendar
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Have a lovely week.
Helen Searle
Head Teacher – Prep. and Infants

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