Reception’s Celebration Day

It has been a week of joy, enthusiasm and happiness in KES Prep Department. Children dressed in beautiful Kuwaiti outfits came to school this week. Teachers prepared many themed activities in which children were involved and were able to learn and have fun. Mrs. Noor talked to the children about Kuwaiti people, their interesting traditions and customs over the years. She presented to the children some specific items of clothing and let them try them on. She explained to the children what life was like in Kuwait before discovering oil and how the country bloomed exponentially after that.  
Sunday was Reception’s celebration day. Parents were invited to our hall in the main school to watch their children’s performance dedicated to Kuwait. Boys and girls dressed in beautiful traditional Kuwaiti dresses were delighted to express their love and gratitude to the country they live in by singing, dancing and reciting national songs and short lines from Kuwaiti historical treasures. Tossing confetti and waving hundreds of Kuwaiti flags at the end made our celebration even merrier.
On Thursday, KG and Reception together celebrated the National day of Kuwait by coming to school dressed in Kuwaiti flag clothes. It was a great opportunity to share friendship, kindness, love and respect. Our children had the opportunity to meet new friends, enjoy playing, and learning new things together.

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