Team Kuwait’s success in the World Schools Debating Championship – Croatia

During the month of July, Kuwait English School took part in the World Schools Debating Championship which this year took place in Croatia. Not only has it been a great honour to be part of the national team for the two chosen students but also a memorable experience in numerous ways.
Throughout the competition Masoud Hussain and Asad Mirza met, worked with and competed against teams from Japan, Turkey, Liberia and England to name a few. The passion and determination shown by all the teams truly motivated the two young men to strive forward and give 110% in each debate; working every night to ensure each and every one of the team was comfortable with the topic and the debate as a whole was paramount.
As a result the team amassed 2 outstanding wins – a record for Kuwait- and there was a split decision vote with Team England, who were the previous WSDC champions of this competition. No other team was able to get a ballot off England except for Team Kuwait and recognition for this was given during the closing ceremony.

Team Kuwait (From left to right: Asad Mirza (KES) Masoud Hussain (KES), Maria Micu (BSK), Rekha Ravikumar (BSK) and Dylan Peacock (BSK)

Team Kuwait with the Team Liberia debaters.
Please see statements from the two young men from Kuwait English School below:
“I (Masoud), was selected as one of the debaters to be interviewed for the local Croatian radio station in which I talked about my life in Kuwait and how Kuwait English School had helped me become the person I am today with standards and expectations much higher than any other school in the country. Moreover, our impressive debates had the Qatar team and their management interested to know which school we go to as they were very happy and intrigued by the quality of our debating skills”.
“Likewise for me (Asad), I am planning to participate in the World School Debating Championship to be held in Sri Lanka. I hope that Masoud will be alongside me again and that we will both be Team Captains. Masoud and I have proven to be the best debaters of the Kuwait team, attracting attention from coaches and judges of numerous countries. Team Kuwait will definitely be remembered as a team not to be taken lightly in any debating challenge”.
Overall, these two young men had an invaluable experience where they were able to show independence, creativity, motivation and determination. We believe that debating at an international level should be promoted more in Kuwait as it helps create well-rounded individuals.
Kuwait English School would like to thank Mr Stevens for his continuous help and support of the young debaters; it would not have been possible without him, or without the financial contribution from the School Chairman, Mr Mohammed Jassim Al Saddah.

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