Preparatory and Infant Department Parents’ Weekly Newsletter -2

16th September 2018

Kuwait English School Preparatory and Infant Department

Parents’ Weekly Newsletter


Week Beginning 16th September

Sunday 16th September
Monday 17th September
Tuesday 18th September
Wednesday 19th September
Thursday 20th SeptemberBlue Day in KG and Reception

Week Beginning 23rd September

Sunday 23rd September
Monday 24th SeptemberParent Meeting on Cyber Safety 5.30pm main school hall
Tuesday 25th September
Wednesday 26th September
Thursday 27th SeptemberOrange Day – KG and Reception


Blue Day
Thursday is Blue day in KG and Reception. Children can come to school wearing blue clothes or items of blue.
School Arrival
Parents of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, please drop your child off at the school gate. In KG parents are still allowed into school to drop of their children for another week until the children are a bit more settled. If you feel that your child is beginning to settle and can be dropped off at the gate or more quickly in the playground, please do so.
We have started issuing late slips this week. Lates will be marked on school reports as it is very important for your child’s development to be in school on time.
Collecting your children
Please try and collect your child on time at the end of the school day. If you are late collecting your child, they will be put into a late club and you will need to pay KD4 for this. Children get very upset when they are not collected on time.
If you need to collect your child early, please inform the school in advance so your child can be ready to leave. Children will not be allowed to leave school less than ½ hour before the end of the school day.
Upstairs in Reception can get busy at the end of the day. Please can only 1 person go to collect a child, not families.
Spare Clothes for KG
We are running out of spare clothes for KG children. Please wash and return clothes if your child has been changed in school. If your child is likely to have an accident, please bring some clothes to school with them (labelled with their names) in a plastic bag that we can keep in the classroom.
Please can we have not nuts of any type in lunch boxes at school. We have a lot of children with nut allergies. If children do have nuts in school, including peanut butter, they will not be allowed to eat them.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
We are posting pictures of what we are doing at school on these Social Media sites, they are also on the school website. Please have a look at them. The Prep and Infant photo sites will be up and running soon. I will share the links of these with you as soon as they are ready.
Kuwait Mum’s Guide
This is a useful monthly guide for parents of young children. It is free to subscribe to.
Kuwait Mum’s Guide
Term 1 Calendar and other useful information
Please find a link below to the term 1 Calendar. This may change as the term progresses. Prep and Infants is the column on the far right.
Year Calendar
Term 1 Calendar
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