The Art Committee Board

The Art Committee is this year’s new initiative by KES’ Art department to get the students more involved in the process of organising events around the school.
Some of these roles involve participating in poster and ticket design, planning of events and contributing creative ideas.
In order to be considered, candidates were required to apply for the position by writing a personal statement and attending an interview with a panel made up by the Art Department staff.
The following students passed the selection process and have been selected as members of the Art Committee due to their hard work and outstanding skills. The students will gain merits, positive comments and graduation points.
Congratulations to all… we look forward to your contributions to the very exciting events at KES!
The members:
Khalid AlFodari, Rawnaq Ali, Noor AlMalaily, Basmah Amin, Jiwon Eom, Sydney Godwin, Rhea Gomes, Hala Hassanein, Anastasia Jardin, Ziad Khalil, Sana Qureshi, Vanya Raina, Celine Roumani, Ananya Roy, Fathima Sifar, Minjae Son, Myoungjey Son, Araz Tapeh, Dalal Taqi.

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