KALD Distinguished Teacher Award 2016/2017

Ms. J’Aimee Nicholson, a teacher in our Green Unit was awarded the prestigious KALD Distinguised Teacher Award 2016/17. The School was similarly honoured and also received a congratulatory award.
The Kuwait Association for Learning Differences (KALD) is a social welfare association that collaboratively works towards helping all individuals, especially students in private schools in Kuwait, who have learning difficulties and/or Attention Deficit HyperactivityDisorder through setting up awareness programs, training courses, and other educational activities.
Also present at the special celebration were Madam Naela Al Saddah (Vice Chariman), Mrs. Rula Al Saddah (Financial Manger), Mrs Rhoda E Muhmood – MBE (School Director), Mr. M. E. Muhmood (General Manager) and Madam Yolanta Pol-Bayyoud (Head Teacher of the Green Unit).
The School Chariman, Mr. Mohammed Jassim Al Saddah, vonveys his congratulations to the School in general with special wishes extended to the excelling teachers of the Green unit under the leadership of Mrs. Yolanta Pol-Bayyoud.
To find out more about KALD and the amazing work that they do, please visit http://www.kaldkuwait.com

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