PE Bulletin October 19th 2017

……. the busy world of PE, Games and Swimming at KES
Sunday 22nd October
U19’s Girls Netball BSK v KES (A)
U19’s Boys Football KES v NES (Bayan)
Monday 23rd October
KFSAC Football vs BSK (Messila)
KFSAC Friendly Gala @ TES
Tuesday 24th October
U13’s Girls Netball KES vs BSK (H)
U13’s Boys Football KES v TES (Hassan Abul)
Wednesday 25th October
U15’s Girls Netball vs BSK (H)

The U19’s boys’ football team showed assiduous effort to beat ESF 3-1. The U13 boys’ football team lost 2-1 against TEA but demonstrated commitment throughout. The U19 and U15 girls’ netball team displayed strength during their fixtures but lost 43-19 and 28-19 against NES. The U13 girls’ netball team proved their staying power in a nail biting game to beat NES 17-16.
The girls’ swimming team were formidable at the first gala of the year, ranking first across all age groups and are hoping to be as successful at the next.
STAR of the WEEK

An outstanding performance from:
**Leah Medroa** 7A1
U13 Netball Team
Senior Interhouse

Ahmadi 1st
Failaka 2nd
Jahra 3rd
Burgan 4th

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.”
– Arnold Palmer

Elvis Presley was a black belt in karate.

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