The Healthy Cooking Club

The Healthy Cooking Club team, held by Mrs Aya Khayyat and her assistant Mr Carlos Dos Santos Pires and the Nestle organisation Commercial Development Executive, Reem Lawand and her team, collaborated to arrange a Global International Chef Day event for students aged from 8 to 11. The event was held in the school hall from 3 to 5:30 pm.

Firstly, a member of the Nestle team supplied a presentation about the impacts of our eating habits on our health and planet. As well as teaching children the importance of food and the impact that food production and consumption has on the environment. She additionally persisted to provide an explanation for how eating a varied and balanced diet will provide us with lots of nutrients. In addition to that, she deep dived into 11 food items chosen by Nestle professionals and Worldchefs to find out more about their properties. A few members of the senior students who were attending a cooking session at the Healthy Cooking Club of Kuwait English School volunteered to take part in guiding the students step by step.

Finally, a cooking consultation took place with the help of Nestle Professional and World chefs led by Chef Ali. The chefs illustrated distinctive approaches to make first-rate recipes and students tried to put together 5 wholesome foods just like the healthy apple pizza, pineapple and banana milkshake, omelette in addition to kale salad. The event was wrapped up with different activities like planting carrots and spinach using environmentally friendly techniques.

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