Winter Literary Festival

Kuwait English School is proud to launch our First Winter Literary Festival which will run from the 21st of November until the 2nd of December 2021. Our festival will be joining international authors and Winter festivals of the World.

From the Kindergarten (KD), Reception (RD), Juniors (JD) and Seniors Department (SD) the Winter Literary Festival brings everyone together during this joyous time.

The Language of Lyrics Literature (SD)
The Ancient Art of Storytelling (Arabic SD/JD)
Poetry and Puppets (Arabic SD/JD)
Creating a Character (Arabic SD)
Page to Stage Performances (SD/JD)
Radio & Rhythm (SD)
Structuring Shakespeare Sonnets (SD/JD)
A Picture Tells a Story (SD & JD)
The Language of Lyrics (SD)
Webinars,Book launches with International Authors, Festivals, theatres and Playwrights (SD,JD&ID)
Patriotism, Propaganda and Pope (World War One) (SD)
Seriously Spooky Settings (SD)
Guest poetry and narrative readings (JD)
Poets and Writers (JD)
Exhibition of online Artwork (JD)
Powerful Poetry Podcasts (SD)
Oxford Owl e-library Programme for our children (ID)
Our Favourite Book Competition (ID)
My Favourite Book Hero’ Drawing Competition (ID)
Meeting the director of Charles Dicken ‘ The Tale of Ebenezer Scrooge by One World Actors Centre (JD)

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