Year 10 Accelerated Courses

Further to the previous correspondence regarding Accelerated Science courses, a few key points must be highlighted:

The accelerated IGCSE courses are very demanding as each 2-year course will be compressed into 1 year, and only the most able, hard-working students will be allowed to follow the course.

Due to time constraints, students cannot do practical work. Experiments will be demonstrated by the teacher taking the course.

Details of the courses.

Accelerated IGCSE courses will be offered in the sciences.


Students must choose to accelerate all three of the sciences.

To be eligible to follow the accelerated courses, students must:

  • Have achieved grade A*/A in the end of year 9 examinations in May/June 2022 in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Have an excellent attitude and effort in the subject they wish to accelerate.
  • Produced homework of a consistently high standard in year 9.
  • Displayed a very high standard of behaviour during the school year.

If a student is unable to meet the demands in terms of progress/ behaviour in the accelerated course, parents will be informed.

Students who choose Accelerated Science in Year 10 and successfully achieve grades A* – B at IGCSE must continue to complete at least one (a maximum of two) science International advanced subsidiary levels (IAS) in Year 11. Were they then to stay for Year 12, the pupil would continue with the International Advanced Level (IAL) course.

Yours Sincerely

Omar Sharif
Assistant Principal – Academic
Kuwait English School

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