Accolades to Team Kuwait for their achievements in the First Global Challenge Dubai 2019

The Kuwait English School Robotics Team, Team Void, represented the State of Kuwait, as Team Kuwait, at the First Global Challenge Dubai 2019, held at the end of October 2019. This is the most prestigious robotics competition where countries around the world are invited to send their top national robotics teams. This year 191 countries participated in this event.
We are proud to announce that we have scored 38th position which placed us in the top 20%, a brilliant result for our first Global Challenge entry.
It has been a huge learning opportunity for the students as they had to problem solve, adapt, strategize and work together with their partner teams and work together during this event which focused on great cooperation rather than competition. 
The main focus during this event has been on showing gracious professionalism at all times and we can commend our students on a job well done.
Congratulations to Andrew Gray, Jakub Narkiweicz, Flavio Irani, Danesh Kohina and Dario Capitani, all in Year 12 at Kuwait English School.

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