KES representing Team Kuwait at worldwide robotics competition

We, Flavio Irani, Danesh Kohina, Dario Capitani, Jakub Narkiweicz and Andrew Gray are Team Void representing TEAM KUWAIT at the FIRST Global Challenge Robotics Competition held in Dubai this year from 24-27 of October.
Every year millions of tons of pollutants, generated by human activity, make their way into the world’s oceans, negatively affecting marine life and global populations. The 2019 FIRST Global Challenge brings attention to this critical issue in order to educate ourselves and take action to preserve our oceans and wildlife. This year teams will learn about real-world challenges related to cleaning up the world’s oceans.
In Ocean Opportunities, two competing alliances, each comprised of three teams from different nations, work to clear the ocean of pollutants. Cleanup Crews have two (2) minutes and thirty (30) seconds to collect pollutants, deliver them to processing areas, and finally remove their robots, also known as collectors, from the ocean.
Weeks and weeks of hard work, grit and dedication allowed us to get to where we are now, and allow us to strive for the best, and maximise our potential at the competition. Despite all the challenges, we try to remain at the top, and always try our best
Robotics competitions are held all over the world, and we are not stopping for a second. We will attend all possible competitions, for example the ones held by Google, the ones in Silicon Valley, Turkey and more in Europe. If you are as interested as we are, and do not want to miss out on the best robotics adventures, follow us on our Instagram page @teamvoidrobotics or on our website

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