Year 9 Option Choices


Examinations and Examination Boards

The course that you choose will, in most cases, last for two years, with a final External Examination at the end of the second year. The exam boards set this exam externally. Two years is the recommended length to complete the course as it takes this long to teach the courses effectively. Qualifications obtained can be offered by any of the 3 Exam Boards listed below depending on the subject chosen.

  • IGCSE (Cambridge University) International General Certificate of Secondary Education. 
  • (I)GCSE (Edexcel/PEARSON) 
  • Kuwait Ministry of Education. 

Some of our Pearson (I)GCSE subjects will be following the new grading structure of 9-1. The bottom of the grade 7 aligns with the bottom of the grade A, the bottom of the grade 4 aligns with the bottom of the grade C and the bottom of the grade 1 aligns with the bottom of the grade G.  9 is a new grade, designed to recognise the very highest performing students. 9–1 will be awarded using the same reliable processes as the old A*-G grading.

Whatever courses you choose to follow, you should aim to gain a Grade C and hopefully higher. Grades D – G will not help you gain entrance to University. Please be aware that entry into year 12 at KES will require a minimum of 6 Bs at IGCSE level or a numerical grade of 6 if you are taking a Pearson GCSE subject, including grades A, B or 6 in the subjects you wish to study. You will also need to obtain a C or above in English and Mathematics. Arabic Second language will not be accepted as one of your 6 qualifying subjects and only one of the English Subjects will count. You must therefore expect to work hard and to be worked hard, and you must realise that you will not be able to take time off school. If you miss work due to absence it will be your responsibility to catch up. If your teachers think that you will not do well in the final examination they may not recommend your entry. 

If your attendance is below 91.5% throughout years 10 & 11, the school would be unable to register you as an IGCSE candidate according to the rules of C.I.E. and the Ministry of Education in Kuwait.


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