Year 9 Option Choices


Introduction to Option Choices

The year 9 option process helps the transition from Key Stage 3 (years 7-9) to Key Stage 4 (years 10- 11). Year 9 students are offered a range of subjects to choose from to study in year 10 and 11. 

(I)GCSE Programme at Kuwait English School

The following are the criterias students need to follow when choosing their subjects:

  • All students will choose 8 subjects which will include Mathematics and English
  • All Kuwaiti students will be required to choose Arabic Ministry as one of their 8 subjects
  • All Muslim students will take Islamic Studies & Quran. This is not part of their 8 subject choices
  • The school may place restrictions on choices if it feels the choice is unrealistic. Look at the information on the University entrance requirements section for further information.

KES History

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